Pain is a sensation, not a threat


I read an excerpt from "Bravey", the best selling memoir of award-winning writer, Olympic athlete and filmmaker Alexis Pappas. And while I still have many aspects of the book to both complete and digest, one part stood out for me.

She talks about how her Psychiatrist explained depression to her. He said

" Depression is like when you fall and scrape your knee, except instead of the cut being on your knee, it's on your brain."

And this led her to look at mental therapy the same way in which we all look at physical therapy, as a way to heal a body part taking away the stigma many associate with any form of mental health issues.

She also speaks of an insight on pain which I can't help going back to repeatedly. She talks about when she started training as a long-distance runner in college, where the gruelling regime made the pain a consistent part of her daily life. It would make her go to sleep in dread of what was to come. That's when she realised that,

Pain isn't something one can avoid in life. It's going to show up consistently. So the sooner we learn to shift our mental energy from dreading upcoming pain to accepting the fact that (as unpleasant as it may be) it is a part of our lives, the sooner we can learn to deal with it better.

And in the state we find the world around us, we all have pain showing up. This mental shift might be what we need.

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Quote of the week

“ It’s the matter of how we see the challenge in front of us and how we engage with it. Persist, pivot, or concede. It’s up to us, our choice every time”

From “Greenlights” by Matthew McConaughey