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The one common factor in successful individuals and businesses + weekly recommendations

The one common factor in successful individuals and businesses + weekly recommendations


There is a commonality to all successful businesses and individuals. The commonality centres around a specific story they tell, believe in and what the story is in reality. The more these three are identical, the more successful the person and business will be in the long term. It's a story that becomes synonymous with them in so many ways that it's hard to disregard but unfortunately easy to be superficial.

The story comes from the answer to a straightforward question

"Why do you exist?"

And the answer could define your narrative, its success and also determine how satisfied you are with it. Guy Raz, in his book "How I built this" puts it eloquently when he says,

"The story must explain at a fundamental level why you exist. It is a story you have to tell to your customers, to investors, to employees, and ultimately to yourself. "

It is such a fundamental question to refine and focus on. If the answer is built on a foundation of reflection, passion, and an innate need to work on it in the long term, it will bring success, deep satisfaction, and happiness. And in times when the day gets clogged with things to do, interests become many and varied, and new bright shiny objects demand our attention leading to our sense of clarity becoming blurred, Ask yourself this simple question. An honest answer built on reflection can help you find clarity for a lifetime.

Weekly recommendations

➡️ Daniel Ek talks about many things but his whole download on bits & atoms is just 🤯

➡️ Kara swisher talks to Jeffrey Katzenberg and digs into the failure of Quibi and the state of play in the media landscape and Hollywood.

➡ Casey Newton one of the most high profile journalists to move to Substack writes about his first year on the platform

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➡️ An article that speaks to many of the questions I’ve been trying to answer in recent months.

👉🏽 👈🏽

➡️ At the risk of sharing too much ‘Colin & Samir’, I couldn’t help but share this feature on Mr Beast and the sheer scale at which he’s playing

➡️ Andrew Huberman digs into the science behind focus ( I need more of it than most because I lack it in loads)

And in this weeks self plug dropping the links to two episodes from the varun duggi show

➡️ My chat with Vishnu Kaushal on authenticity and relevance

➡️ And The “Indifferent Spectator test” which I believe all of us need to take