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From my journal : Seeking the new + weekly recommendations

From my journal : Seeking the new + weekly recommendations

Our journals are for ourselves. To allow us to have deep and personal conversations with our thoughts and feelings. But, also, ever so often, our journals give us bursts of clarity that deserve to be shared with the world around us.

So today, I will be sharing a piece from a journal entry I wrote a few months ago. It stood out as I was going through what I put down over the last few months, and I felt it warranted a share because I truly believe it gave me a moment of profound clarity.

" We often go seeking the new. It's our instinct to look for greener pastures, to find solutions for all our problems and to fill the gaps in our lives by venturing towards newer spaces. We don't realise that, at most times, the true answer to what we seek lies in the things we've taken for granted. So, ever so often, we should revisit, reconnect and re-engage with the things that were once core to us, that surround us and are all around us but have blurred from our vision over time. Therein might lie what we seek."

What we have around us can complete us. We just don't realise it often enough. So, take a look around.. What you see and sense might surprise you.

Weekly Recommendations

➡️ We kick off with an article on something we all do but finally have a term for thanks to this article - “ Revenge Bedtime procrastination “

Culture Study
Revenge Bedtime Procrastination
This is the Sunday edition of Culture Study — the newsletter from Anne Helen Petersen, which you can read about here. If you like it and want more like it in your inbox, consider subscribing. Here is a potentially familiar scene. You are exhausted after working a full day, the sort of day when you …
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➡️ Then a beautiful piece from the Atlantic on the difference between Hope and optimism

👉🏽 👈🏽

➡️ It seems to be a thing for creators focussed on specific spaces reflecting and rebutting things about them. Nathaniel Drew digs into how self-help brainwashed him,

➡️ Then in a weird segue, MKBHD gets into the full self driving rollout from Tesla

➡️ Google is how we search. But, there are some looking to change that and Reid Hoffman speaks to one such (ex-google) founder on his subscription based search engine and what it may give consumers that Google has failed to

➡️ Then a Fascinating look at humanity and our relationship with alcohol ( In full disclosure I bought the book but am yet to read it)

➡️ And in my Self-Plug for the week, I tap into helping you figure out your authentic Humour style ( check the link in the show notes to do the quiz to figure your style as well).