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Monthly Mega recommendation pack - August Edition

Monthly Mega recommendation pack - August Edition

➡️ We kick off this months mega recommendation pack with a great episode on distraction from my latest “binge” podcast- The happiness lab ( I’m also doing her Online course for Yale on the “Science of Well-Being” and its amazing.)

➡️ Then an amazing episode of “The Seen and the Unseen” with someone I have the pleasure to call my mentor, Roshan Abbas.

➡️ Then Rich Roll Speaks to Steve Pressfield ( the man who wrote the ‘War of Art’)

➡️ David Perell writes on how we can embrace an athletes process and learn like an athlete.


➡️ Sahil Patel ( @sahilypatel on twitter ) has put together a fabulous curated directory to understand everything around the Venture capital space.


➡️ A video explaining the Keynesian beauty contest and how it can give us a deeper insight into the financial markets and how they actually end up working.

➡️ MKBHD is one of my favourite creators and this video running through how his intro videos are shot is a sight to see ( This new studio channel is 🤯).

➡️ Some videos just have a great emotional curve and this video by ‘Yes Theory’ is a great example of that.

➡️ And closing off with a chat I had with Ma Anand Sheela around the launch of her new book “By my own rules”

Have a great weekend everyone