My Five learnings from Journaling + Weekly recommendations


In recent months I wake up most days around 5 am. My older dog is now ten, and he insists on waking me up to do his business between 5–6 am every day, and I don't have the heart to say no. So, I've just learnt to shift my routine around for him. And in doing so, I've learnt to see the sunrise and look out at the city waking up and start journaling every morning.

Now, I've tried journaling many times over the years and never could make it a consistent practice, but now I find myself doing it in a flow that works both productively as well as effectively for me. 

And, this week, I thought I'd list out my key learnings about journaling over the last few months.

  1. It's a conversation with yourself. To say the things you want to say to yourself on paper. So that it's not just thoughts in your mind but structured sentences, it helps build clarity beyond anything else. It's not for anyone else to read. Don't write to impress someone else. Speak your mind.

  2. Write down things so you can clean those thoughts from your mind and move ahead. You write to forget many times ( because you can always come back to it if you want to remember)

  3. You also write to remember what you should repeatedly reinstate in your mind, almost like building muscle memory in your brain.

  4. Write down the questions you are grappling with in Your mind. Often they lead to the answers you seek

  5. You don't have to write every day, making it a consistent practice and not a mechanical one. Your Journal doesn't judge. It just listens. 

These are some learnings I've had through journaling in recent months. If you journal yourself and have learnings beyond these, I'd love to hear about them. You can either drop it in the comments or drop me an email.

Weekly Recommendations 

➡️ A Great collation of clips focussed on mental health from the Rich Roll Podcast

➡️ An episode on the story of Gimlet Media ( arguably one of the biggest early drivers of the podcast story as a global phenomenon)

➡️ Its a great Amit Varma episode (like every Amit varma episode). Enough said!

➡️ An article from December 2020 that still rings true when we talk about the creator middle class and the need to enable their growth.



The story in this weeks episode of “Advertising is Dead” has to be one of my favourites in recent times. So much to learn and imbibe from it.