Dec 5, 2020 • 6M

Success, Legacy, Our moral compass & taking the plunge

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Varun Duggirala
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How do you define success?

Think about that question and what it means to you, for many it immediately veers towards success in your career.. but there is more to success than just being successful in your career isn’t it? Because there is more to your life than just your career.

Let us take those two words, “your life” and “your career”. And let's throw them on a balance…

and as we do let's jot down what we truly want from our life and what we want to achieve in our careers. ( try to put down at least 3-4 points under each)

Take a moment to soak that in, see how one connects to the other. And then think of the fact that we often perceive our career to be our life and hence our career goals become our life goals, but in reality, what we do in our career is a means to achieve what we want in our lives and not the other way around.

And this in so many ways can redefine how you look at success, how you perceive what you want to achieve and what you have.

I guess I’m writing this specific thread a few days after “The Glitch” turned 11 because it's been on my mind as well. Success to me has always been about legacy, but as I’ve grown older I’ve come to realise that legacy is in many ways a simplistic narrative we build for our selves and try to shove so many things within it to make our selves feel better, what legacy truly needs to be is to look at all the highs and lows of your life, all the stuff you are grateful for, the things you regret and the things you leave behind for others and fit all of them into a simple equation.

Because while legacy is in many ways what we leave behind for others and how people perceive us in hindsight, if you haven’t gone through life with your highs and gratitudes outweighing your lows and regrets then your legacy can never be positive. So keep an eye on this equation, and use it to build your life strategy.. because a satisfied life leads to a satisfying legacy.

Beyond the cast: Journalism

This week on “advertising is dead” I spoke to Faye D’Souza in what has to be one of the most satisfying conversations I’ve had on my podcast so far. It’s satisfying because I’ve often felt that Journalism is the moral compass of the world and I’ve seen it veer towards a mode of being skewed away from its North Star. But more than anything, it is a profession I’ve always respected for its innate core focus of depicting the truth in the most palatable way possible to ensure we don't just consume the facts but mull over them, think about our role in the world basis them and drive a sense of responsibility in ourselves through them. And this weeks episode was satisfying because I saw my moral compass come back into balance post this chat and it made me think about my responsibility to the world around me and to use my voice for the right reasons and the right causes more often than I do right now. It also showed me that there is light at the end of the tunnel for the moral compass that is journalism and that light is shining brighter with people like Faye around.

Taking the Plunge

“When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubts”- Diane Von Furstenberg

We Often doubt our ability to fly, to be able to do the things we want to do.. this makes us overthink, over-prepare and in doing so overload our minds with things it doesn’t need. So remember that we all have an innate ability to achieve, and always look at a situation and ask your self

“What’s the worst that can happen?”

And let that guide when and how you jump, Rohit and I asked ourselves this question 11 years ago before we started glitch … it was post-recession, opportunities and jobs weren’t easily available but we felt confident that worst case we’d have to go look for a job if what we had set out to start didn’t pan out.. and if we didn’t get a job, we were sure enough ( maybe foolishly so) that we’d be able to survive one way or another. We built the parachute after we jumped off and it had some bumps along the way, but if we hadn’t jumped when we did, who knows we might never have jumped at all and would never be where we are today.

So listen to what Tony stark once said

“Sometimes you have to run before you can walk”

Catch you guys next week