Process of elimination and identity + Weekly recommendations


I've spent the last week reading Matthew McConaughey's extraordinary memoir "Greenlights". Its filled with anecdotes, scribbles, insights and stories from his bizarrely intriguing life. And there is a particular passage I kept going back to ...

It's called the process of elimination and identity. He writes

" The first step that leads to our identity in life is usually not I know who I am, but instead I know who I'm not. Process of elimination.

Too many options can make a tyrant out of any of us, so we should get rid of the excess in our lives that keep us from being more of ourselves. When we decrease the options that don't feed us, we eventually, almost accidentally, have more options in front of us that do.

Knowing who we are is hard. Eliminate who we're not first, and we'll find ourselves where we need to be."

It's such a simple yet straightforward way of figuring out who we are. I've often struggled with putting a label on who I am, and as I've tried this method, it's helped me peel away at what I know I'm not.

I hope you're able to do the same, and as the layers peel off, feel both clearer and lighter about your own identity.

Weekly recommendations

I know I share too many things that Ryan holiday says and does but this one is a fabulous watch. Its made me think about how I read and while i dont think I’ll do this word for word there are definitely things to pick up

I love J.J.Abrams and this chat is another reason why. That’s pretty much it. He’s awesome.

I use the app - Calm quite often during the day and this interesting article about its rise as a platform is a definitive read for sure.


Shameless self-plug

I spoke to Ronnie Screwvala and Vicky kaushal this week on Life long learning, upskilling, non-linear thinking, storytelling and so much more. Its my favourite chat in recent times and i’m sure you’ll love it.