Monthly Mega Recommendation Pack - July


Time for another edition of my monthly mega recommendation pack. Some great picks here to watch, read and listen to.

Starting off with,

➡️ One of my favourite Youtuber’s Peter McKinnon talking about how he’s evolving his short form video game to keep his essence alive as a creator yet stay true to what works for the format.

➡️ Ryan Holiday summarises his brilliant book “The Obstacle is the way”. If this summary doesn’t make you want to read the full book, I’m hoping my recommendation will.

➡️ A Great podcast episode with Guy Raz on finding resilience

➡️ And then dig into one of my recent podcast finds, “The happiness lab”. This particular episode digs into happiness lessons from Lao Tzu

➡️ Casey Newton interviews Mark Zuckerberg so there are no reasons for you not to listen in

➡️ and Tim ferris has a chat with Anne Lamott ( If you haven’t read Bird by Bird yet, you dont know what you’re missing)

➡️ There’s a great article on Amazons new fiction serials platform and how it can solidify their hold over the publishing industry


➡️ In a new App/Product Recommendation, If you’re someone trying to record good quality audio from your phone download the Dolby On App . I highly recommend it ( also this is not sponsored and the App is free)

➡️ And finally a self-plug from me as I speak about how your career doesn’t have to Equal your passion on your purpose

➡️ And how taking a Brain detox might just be the best thing you can do for your mind.

Catch you guys next week