Monthly Mega recommendation pack - June edition


It’s time for another monthly mega-recommendations pack

Starting off with

Two of my favourite YouTubers. Peter McKinnon ( my go-to YouTuber to learn how to shoot stuff, vlog and basically most things) talks about something he did for 30 days that helped him focus and build a habit

& then Nathaniel Drew ( a YouTuber whose channel I turn to especially when I’m in the mood for some calm content) . This particular video also led me to a beautiful book which I’ll write more about below.

The Book he speaks about in the video above is called “ Consolations” by David Whyte , a deeply self-searching book where he describes some deep perspectives on words we use every day like Anger, Joy, Silence, Ambition and more. Its a great book to have especially when you pick it up from time to time and read a chapter at random. Dropping a link to that below.


Consolations: The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words

Another Book I’ve started reading ( I read different books simultaneously at most times ) is “The multi-hyphen method” by Emma Gannon . It’s something I personally relate to as someone who likes to have multiple things as “What I do”


Dropping an article about her as well

Next onto Podcasts,

Nilay patel talks to Satya Nadella on the business of windows. I always enjoy hearing Satya Nadella speak for both how he’s evolved Microsoft as a company but also for how he is as a leader

Then a conversation with Jay Clouse , who hosts a lovely podcast called “Creative elements” where he speaks to creators of all kinds on their mindset, journey and how they’ve grown in the space.

And closing it off with a podcast i listen to often before i go to bed “Meditative story”. I loved this episode with David Duchovny.

Mandatory Self-Plug:

I went on Anshu Mor’s podcast for a fabulous chat on.. basically everything. Its a fun listen.

And I dropped an episode on bringing your mind to a state of flow on “The Varun Duggi Show”