Monthly Mega recommendation pack -May edition


In This month's Mega recommendation pack, I'm dropping a bunch of exciting things to read, listen and watch


Starting with Anjali Sud and the story of how Vimeo pivoted to reinvent itself. It's a great listen and lesson in how to pivot a business.

Sleep has always been the one thing I'm terrible at optimising. But, as I've started to dig into the science of sleep, one name has popped up consistently, Matthew walker, and this chat Rich Roll had with him gives a broad pov on why sleep can be our superpower.

And to wrap up the listens, I'm putting down one more piece I've been trying to dig into more, running, and this bite-sized clip on how running can transform one's life might just have pushed me to take this on more consistently.


  • One of the most interesting stories I’ve read in recent times has been about creators who’re using YouTube shorts to scale their followers by substantial levels & this article digs to Brandon Baum’s journey to becoming a YouTube millionaire

  • Our lives have many "What if's" and reflecting on them could lead to some interesting thoughts... I won't say more and spoil this fabulous piece from the New Yorker.


MKBHD, aka Marques Brownlee, talks tech with Sundar Pichai.. you don't need more reasons than that to watch this video.

There is so much more beyond the surface in the Apple vs Epic games Trial. The Verge does a fabulous in-depth video on what’s beyond the surface

And to close off my recommendations, I'm dropping the link to a song that's been my happy place over the last few months ( this specific version is only available on YouTube) hope it gives you some happy vibes as well

Catch you guys next week