Amor Fati & Our Relationship with Fate + Weekly recommendations


"Don't seek for everything to happen as you wish it would, but rather wish that everything happens as it actually will- then your life will flow well." -Epictetus

We all have plans in life, things we wish for, work for and aspire towards. But at most times, fate has other plans. Not all our wishes come true. That's a fact of nature and logic. 

Most times, when things don't go "As we wish", we all either spend our time cursing fate or accepting it. The journey from cursing to accepting is a transitionary period that varies from minutes to years depending on the gravity of the person's wish or mindset. Accepting our fate is something we've all been told is something we must practise. But what if there was a third stage to this progression for unfulfilled wishes.

"What you throw on top of a fire is fuel for that fire."

                                                    -Marcus Aurelius

Suppose you can progress from acceptance to loving what happens. To look at what fate delivers at your doorstep and say, " What has happened has happened for the best, and I don't just accept it, but I love it." To use every setback as fuel to do better, to progress further. To look at what positive every unfulfilled wish delivers and use it to make yourself better. Use every setback as fuel to go further, not stay static with anger or acceptance. To use it to channel greatness in you. 

The Stoics referred to this as ‘Amor Fati’ ( a love of fate). To turn the bad things in life into good things.

In the world, we live in today, with what has transpired and all the disruption around us, it's easy to resort to anger or acceptance. If we seek opportunities to build good on top of it all, we can help the world move towards the light.

What can you say Amor Fati to?

Weekly recommendations

➡️ Kicking off this weeks recommendations with a great deep dive into the creator economy from the Venture capital firm Signal Fire ( one of the most in-depth reports I’ve read till date)


➡️ David Perell’s YouTube channel is his hidden secret. ( His twitter account is publicly known GOLD). His breakdown of the Casey Neistat phenomenon is a great starting point

➡️ The Behind the scenes story of the podcast “Call her Daddy” is by far one of the most drama filled I’ve heard from the creator space yet. (Popcorn worthy)

➡️ Meditative Story is one of my favourite podcasts to listen to before I sleep. A must listen on so many levels.. dropping a couple of my fav episodes below

Shameless Self-plug

➡️ I dropped a video this week ( and podcast episode ) on “How I’ve learnt to read more productively” . Give it a watch