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Totally agree, Purpose of life should not be the only driving force -- but some of us don't even have the purpose. So I guess finding the purpose also is important, or life would become just another day. Only when we do find the purpose, it adds the dimension of meaning to it, I feel.

And what you said about the finish line , I also believe its the journey which is more interesting than the end result. As I always say,

"A mindful journey is far more fulfilling than a chaotic destination"

Fan Notes :

Varun, I mostly watch all your content and it does give such a zen feeling. Your journey is inspiring and yes, I did buy your book, am halfway through. You have come a very long way and I can so resonate with it!

Keep creating such awesome content. Love the Hussain Dalal episode (he's a very raw person and seems genuine also..)

Till then,

Stay Blissed!

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