Thank you ✌🏽

Let me be honest, I've always romanticised writing a book over the years, but when I actually had to do it, I never went beyond a couple of pages. And then, I read "Show your work" by Austin Kleon and decided to follow a method he speaks about in the book. 

"The best way to get started on the path to sharing your work is to think about what you want to learn and make a commitment to learning it in front of others."

- Austin Kleon ( Show your work)

And right around that time, close to a year ago, I started writing this newsletter. It was my attempt to find some form of a "feedback loop" while I prepared myself to write my first book. And over the last year, I've shared ideas, excerpts, concepts and raw strands from my mind with all of you, and I've learnt so much from it. In fact, when the book does come out early next year, you'll notice a lot of familiar pieces in it. Stuff I shared with you as seeds of thought have grown into evolved chapters and narrative roadways. 

This weekend I'm submitting my final draft to the publisher, and I wanted to thank all of you. For reading, writing in, or just clicking that heart icon. It's been the nudge I need every week to keep writing. This book wouldn't have been possible without you. ( I'm definitely going to give all of u a sneak peek before the rest of the world)


P:S - I'm also taking a few weeks off to reset my writing mind. I'll be back early November with lots of the same and so much more. So, if you haven't caught up on all the newsletters so far go for it. ...