Monthly mega recommendation pack - September 2021 edition

Time for another monthly mega pack of recommendations. ( And this time I have a slight niggle in my throat so just text no audio unfortunately)

➡️ We kick this months pack off with a great chat between Jonathan fields and Rich roll. This one hit hard in many parts because of the deep focus on life and work .

➡️ Then a fabulous keynote by Ashwath Damodaran on the Laws of valuation ( some deep business insights in this one).

➡️ Switching over to a YouTuber who’s created so much content around minimalism ( Matt D’avella) talking about what its evolving towards as the minimalism craze subsides.

Switching over the podcasts,

➡️ Gina Bianchini the founder and CEO of Mighty Networks talks about how she’s helping creators build social communities.

➡️ Prof G talks to Anderson Cooper! Thats it. Thats reason enough to listen to this one.

And closing off with some written stuff,

➡️ Mari Andrew’s newsletter is just beautiful. Read and subscribe.


➡️ And an interesting article on how the way we search for information or rather Google stuff has changed an entire generations way of storing files.


➡️Closing off with a recent episode of “the Varun Duggi show” that i released on the five mistakes I made over its first fifty episodes and what I learnt from them.

Consume away